40 Things To Do In Melbourne This Winter

Whether you live in Melbourne or you’re visiting, these activities and experiences will help you taste, smell, touch, see and hear the city’s delights. Some are strange, some are indulgent, some are heartwarming, and all are quintessentially Melbourne.

40. Eat a bowl of ramen at Shujinko at 3am
Shujinko is Melbourne’s first and only 24/7 ramen joint. The chaysu ramen is top-notch and the place is intimate and cosy at all times of the day and night. Don’t touch the drum, though. You’ll want to, but don’t.
39. Wander the National Gallery of Victoria
From 9 June to 5 October the NGV will host a MoMA exhibit covering decades of famous modern art. Learn tips from the 20th-century equivalent of high-profile Instagrammers.
38. Eat a 7/11 sandwich on the steps of Federation Square
Go the egg salad. Try, and fail, not to get in anyone’s way.
37. Kiss (or hug) someone atop the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
Enjoy views sublime with your special someone or best mate. And, right now, you can save up to 51% on a Melbourne Star ticket with us, so there’s an extra reason to go.
36. Do a lap of the Medibank Icehouse (and fall down at least once)
You and your bum will find out just how difficult ice skating can be.
35. Beat the top score on Daytona at Galactic Circus
Player ‘ABC’ holds the crown – for now.
34. Put $20 on one roulette number at Crown Casino
You never know. Gamble responsibly.
33. Eat spaghetti bolognese on Lygon Street using only a fork and spoon
But don’t ever ask just why the spoon is required. La Spaghettata and Il Cantuccio are the luminaries. Hum the tune to ‘Funiculi Funicula’ as you walk in and watch heads turn.
32. Chat with a random bike-owner about their bike on Brunswick Street
“So, Brick, tell me more about the carbon fibre spoke housing on your ‘50s GoudaFietsen replica.”
31. Catch an old flick at the Astor Theatre
There’s always something vintage on the projector.
30. Go to the Eureka Skydeck and exclaim “I can see my house from here!”
Multiple times, if you believe your co-sightseers didn’t hear you the first time.
29. Go to Revolver Upstairs on a Sunday morning
That’s when the magic really happens.
28. Do a ‘Chap lap’ on Chapel Street while blasting loud music
Those chagrined faces you’ll pass are only jealous, remember that.
27. Join a group fitness class on St Kilda beach
You may be asked to pay, but you can probably squeeze in a round of free suicide runs before you’re shooed away.
26. Force your way into a game of frisbee at Birrarung Marr
“Go looooooong, guy!”
25. Eat at least 10 dumplings in Chinatown
In Melbourne, it truly is a case of “how many do YOU do?”
24. Ride an O-bike and DON’T leave it in the Yarra
Just take it back to a docking station like a good citizen.
23. Eat a South Melbourne Market dimmy
They really are as hearty as the legends say.
22. Take a nap on the grass at the Botanical Gardens
Maybe look at all the nature too. If there’s time.
21. Spruik a random stall special at Queen Victoria Markets
It’s simple: pick a special like “$9.99/kg bananas” and holler it out like the grizzly stallholders do. No one will look at you funny. It’s bizarre.
20. Find a first edition book at the State Library
And handle it very gingerly when you do.
19. Say a prayer at St Paul’s Cathedral
The bombers need all the help they can get this season.
18. Find and eat the city’s most expensive smashed avo
Pick a CBD street. Point at the nearest cafe. You’ve found it! Congrats!
17. Yell “ball!” at an AFL game at the MCG when someone gets tackled
Really commit to it. It’s an appeal which seldom means anything, and is seldom appropriately applied, but people will join you anyway.
16. Drink from the other (clean) end of the Yarra
They use Yarra Valley water to make Yarra Valley wine, so it’s gotta be safe.
15. Catch a flathead in Port Phillip Bay
Fish shoulder to shoulder with local anglers from a pier – Brighton, or Beaumaris, for example – or go on a charter. Flathead are plentiful in the Bay and they’re delicious.
14. Catch a rock show at Howler Bar
Melbourne gave rock ‘n’ roll to ya.
13. Lose a frisbee in the surf at Brighton Beach
It’s a rite of passage for shore-dwellers, you might say.
12. Press ALL the exhibit buttons at Scienceworks
And pay attention to what they do afterwards, of course.
11. Spend $6 on a latte at the Block Arcade
A price apparently fit for the best coffee-city in the world.
10. Spot penguins in St Kilda
Solid Instagram gold.
9. Wheeze your way up 1,000 Steps
Be sure to dodge the posers taking boomerangs halfway up.
8. Ride Luna Park’s Scenic Railway and say, “rickety, isn’t it?”
Don’t shake the cart, though. They don’t like it when you do that.
7. Ride a bike along the bee-autiful Capital City Trail
It’s pretty flat.
6. Eat the most un-you food you can find at Welcome to Thornbury
If you look at it and immediately think “I would never eat that,” you should eat it.
5. Chow down on a hot jam donut at American Donut Kitchen at Queen Victoria Markets
The hot jam donut is to Melbourne what the stroopwafel is to Amsterdam and gelati is to Rome.
4. Learn how whiskey is made at Starward Distillery
Whiskey is fascinating, and the brewers at Starward know their stuff. Be sure to taste the anniversary blend.
3. Share delicious Italian with your special someone at the award-winning Sarti
(Psst. There’s a Sarti three-course dinner with wine live now on Cudo, including oysters, and it’s yours at up to 51% off).
2. Drink designer wine out of test tubes at Noisy Ritual
It’s way less scientific than it sounds, don’t worry. Nab the wining and dining experience on Cudo now.
1. Ride a hot air balloon across the Yarra Valley
If you can indeed see your house from a hot air balloon, you’ll see it dyed in the purples and oranges of a spectacular sunrise with this Cudo deal from Blue Skies Ballooning.