Can we host the perfect silly season get together for under $50?


The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting hotter, and it’s time to start planning how we’re going to share the best time of year with our family and friends.

As incredible as these experiences can be, it does mean more work at times; there’s Christmas presents to start thinking about, holidays to start planning, and events to start catering for.

Our friends at Woolworths are here to help plan a great evening with their Black Friday sale.

They challenged us to see if we can plan the perfect get together for under fifty dollars. The criteria? We need to create a feast for a group of eight of our closest friends.


Party starters

What does any good Australian party start with? Chips and dip, of course. Our friends at Woolworths have us covered with family sized share bags of Doritos for just $2.50.

All Yumi dips are also great value at $2.00 each. Add two to the basket: the Chipotle Hommus and the Eggplant Mediterranean are guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

Budget another $6.00 for two Woolworths Select brand cheeses – the 125g Brie and the 200g Sweet Chilli Cream Cheese are delightful – and you’ve got the perfect great night in with family and friends for a grand total of $12.50.



We will stay with the guaranteed crowd-pleasers here (and wallet pleasers) with unmissable discounts of up to 50% on Black Friday – pizza and pies.

The Dr Oetker Ristorante Hawaiian Pizza is amazing value at $3.75 each. And for the friends that don’t share the pineapple love, Dr Oetker’s also has a range of delicious Italian-style pizzas with a range of toppings.

And if there are any non-pizza-loving guests, two packs of Herbert Adams King Island Beef Pies are only $3.15 each. Budget for four packets and we have a basket of mains which is guaranteed to give any party a full belly they won’t soon forget.

So for our mains, we have two pizzas and eight pies between 10 guests at a grand total of $25.10, bringing our total so far to $37.60, leaving enough for a tasty dessert.



We’re in Australia, it’s summer, there’s no question about it: ice cream is a clear favourite among family and friends.

Two packets of the Connoisseur Vanilla Ice Cream 4 packs will please all palates with a world class Australian treat, and at $4.20 each, it won’t break the bank.

With that, our grand total for food comes to $46.00, leaving us with $4.00 left over.



We may have forgotten the last member of the family, but potentially one of the most important: the pet!

A can of 400g MyDog Gourmet Dog Food is amazing value at $1.05, while the Whiskas Adult Cat Food 12 packs will cost $3.50 on Black Friday. Both keep us well within budget.

And if you want to keep the party hydrated, check out Woolworths’ range of soft drink and liquor for the remaining budget.


How would you plan a night for your closest friends with $50? See the full range here 

*NB Prices may differ from state to state.


Shopping list:

Doritos 355g – $2.50 – ($2.50 saving)
Yumi’s Dips x 2 – $4.00 – ($4.00 saving)
Woolworths Select cheeses x 2 – $6.00 (low price always)
Dr Oetker Ristorante Hawaiian Pizza x 2 – $7.50 ($7.50 saving)
Herbert Adams King Island Beef Pies 2 pack – $17.60 ($17.60 saving)
Connoisseur Vanilla Ice Cream 4 pack x2 – $8.40 ($8.40 saving)

Grand total: $46.00 ($40.00 savings)