Eight of the best reactions to winning division one

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Almost every day the team at the Lott get to break the life-changing news to winners across the country. It’s news almost every Australian dreams of hearing: “You’ve won division one.”.

The tally is still rising but so far this year there have been about 400 division one winning entries and no two reactions are the same.

Here are the top eight best reactions from this year.

  1. “I’m going to have a heart attack!”

Have you ever imagined how $10 million could change your life?  Well, a Melbourne woman who won division one in Oz Lotto had never dared to dream. Even after she heard the dream-come-news,  the young professional struggled to grasp her multi-millionaire status. After taking a moment to digest her good fortune, she decided an early retirement, a new home and plenty of holidays would suit her new lifestyle just fine.

  1. ”My wife doesn’t believe me!”

A Victorian man who won a division one prize couldn’t convince his wife his winning news was true. He had discovered he was a winner when he checked his entry online and admitted he’d been waiting by the phone all weekend for the confirmation call from the Lott so he could prove to his wife he wasn’t pulling her leg.

  1. “I’ll show her!”

A woman who scratched one of the top prizes on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket set out to prove her daughter wrong. Thinking she’d won $10,000, she called her daughter to share and celebrate her prize, however, her daughter did not believe her. So the determined mother sent her daughter a photo of the winning ticket, only to discover she had read the ticket incorrectly and her prize was actually $100,000. Both mother and daughter are glad neither of them were right in this scenario!

  1. “I’m shaking like a leaf!”

A Downsfield woman confessed she was shaking like a leaf for hours after discovering she was $200,000 richer from winning the 1st Prize in a Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw.


A hardworking blue-collar Lithgow man was totally blown away by the revelation he was $35 million richer from winning the division one prize in an Oz Lotto draw.

“Oh fair dinkum? You’re kidding?! That is the best news I’ve had in a long time. Hallelujah!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

  1. “Geez Louise!”

In true Aussie form, a Western Sydney teacher, in complete shock over her $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot win, screamed “Geez Louise” when she heard the news she’d claimed the big prize. As you could imagine, she was completely over the moon.


A Myrtle Bank woman certainly didn’t hold back when it was confirmed she was a newly-minted multi-millionaire. As it sunk in her life had changed forever she absolutely lost it, in the happiest of ways of course!

  1. “Mind-boggling, isn’t it?”

Would winning $3 million blow your mind? A Thornbury man was left stunned by his Powerball win. The player was shaking when the news was confirmed to him and all he could muster was that he was absolutely staggered. We would be too!


We all like to dream about what that winning phone call would be like but until you pick up the phone and hear that news yourself, you never really know how you’ll react. Could your next phone call be a winning one?