Eight of the weirdest places winners have kept their ticket

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In your freezer, next to your bed, or in your wallet – where would you keep your winning ticket until you claimed your prize? Some of the Lott’s winners have admitted to keeping their tickets in the oddest places.

  1. Fluoro light

A Queensland man who scratched one of the top prizes on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket revealed his secret hiding place for his winning ticket was on top of the fluoro light in the bathroom!

“I kept it on top of a fluoro light in the bathroom. I thought if I was a thief, I would never look there. As long as I didn’t leave the fluoro on for too long in case it overheated – it might have burnt it. That was the only thing that was worrying me,” he laughed.

  1. Under the pillow

You may think keeping your winning ticket under your pillow is a common safekeeping place but would you keep it there for days? A Ferntree Gully woman confessed to sleeping with her unregistered ticket under her pillow for two days straight until she could claim her prize.

“I’m very good but very shaky! I haven’t slept for two nights. I’ve slept with the ticket beside me!” she said.

  1. In a drawer

We all have a junk drawer somewhere in the house where we throw random bits and bobs.A clean-up of a kitchen draw revealed a winning ticket to a Newcastle grandmother and her family, ending almost two months of speculation about the whereabouts of the mystery winner.

Is it time to clean out your junk drawers?

  1. In the car

Junk drawer clean-outs aren’t the only way winning tickets have been discovered. One man declared cleaning out his car has never been so lucrative after he discovered an old unchecked ticket worth $200,000 that had been left in his vehicle for more than six months.

“I’d just forgotten about it! I had the ticket in the middle console of my car and I had stuff on top of that. I’m glad I checked the ticket and didn’t just throw it out,” he said.

  1. In a wallet

Some winners have been unknowingly walking around with the winning ticket in their wallet for months. One man discovered he was doing with a division one winning entry just that…for six whole months!

“I have a really bad habit of getting my tickets, stuffing them in my wallet and not checking them. It was getting so full of tickets that I couldn’t close it!” he said.

  1. In the bin

It’s not the safest place to store your tickets but a number of winners have actually had to retrieve their winning ticket from the bin! Most recently, a married couple from the Blue Mountains had to race to save their winning ticket from the bin before the garbage man came to collect it.

“We realised we had thrown the ticket out a few days ago so we went through the bin to find the ticket. We found it. Just as well as it’s almost garbage day,” they laughed.

  1. In the freezer

One of the more unique places someone has hidden their winning ticket was in the freezer! A Benalla man kept his winning ticket in the freezer over a weekend to keep it safe and secure until he could come forward to claim his prize.

“My sister told me to put the ticket in a container and hide it in the freezer. So I did! And it’s worked!” he said.

  1. In a bra

Another unique hiding place for a winning ticket was in a bra! A winner once told us she kept her ticket in her bra so it could be close to her heart until she could claim her prize.


Where will the next winner hide their life-changing ticket?