The eight biggest jackpot offers in Australian lottery history

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We have all daydreamed about winning big in the lottery especially as there have been some record-breaking jackpot offers over the years!

To relive that winning feeling, we’re counting down the eight largest jackpot offers in Australian lottery history.


  1. $50 million

Over the past ten years, Australia has seen a $50 million jackpot offer a staggering 12 times!

What’s even more remarkable is that twenty-one entries from all corners of the country have shared in the division one prizes from these 12 draws, which collectively offered $600 million.

A man from Western Sydney who took home a $50 Million Powerball windfall in May 2017 planned to start his own charity – a community restaurant that enabled people in need to dine free of charge.

  1. $55 million

The Powerball jackpot has reached $55 million twice in Australian lottery history.

Almost six months after the most recent $55 million draw, a Melbourne player finally came forward to collect their mind-blowing prize. Whereas a syndicate of 21 government employees didn’t waste any time claiming their prize in January 2017.

  1. $60 million

There have been three separate lottery draws offering a division one prize of $60 million! In these draws, there have been six winners who each took home a life-changing sum of money.

A man in his 20s from the Brisbane suburb Inala was one of the thrilled winners. The shocked man admitted he would share his win with his parents and would begin ticking a few countries off his travel bucket list.

  1. $70 million

Oz Lotto and Powerball have given Australians the chance to win $70 million six times during the past six years.

Twelve entries have shared the division one prizes across these six different draws, which have enabled many families, friendship groups and syndicates to share in that winning feeling.

In January 2016, a Hervey Bay couple not only scooped the entire $70 million Powerball jackpot, but they also set the record for the single largest division one winning prize in Australian lottery history.

  1. $80 million

In July 2009, Powerball reached a mind-blowing $80 million.

A ecstatic man from Melbourne and a over-the-moon player from New South Wales shared the division one prize, which each savouring seeing their bank accounts bolster by an incredible $40 million!

  1. $90 million

Oz Lotto climbed to $90 Million in June 2009 and Australia was so excited about this record-breaking draw that it was estimated 1-in-3 adult Australians had an entry. With so many entries purchased into the draw, the total division one jackpot prize was actually pushed to $106,500,000.00!

A man from Adelaide and couple from the Gold Coast matched the winning numbers on their entries, taking home a whopping $53.2 million each.

  1. $100 million

The first time Australia saw a $100 million jackpot was in November 2012 when Oz Lotto broke all previous lottery records.

Australians were jumping at the thought of being $100 million richer and purchased  so many entries into the draw that the total division one jackpot prize soared to $111,900,000.00!

Four entries shared in the epic prize, each taking home $27.9 million. The winners were families from Melbourne, ACT, and Townsville, as well as a syndicate from Melbourne.

  1. $100 million

In August 2018, Powerball reached an out-of-this-world $100 Million. This was the highest Powerball jackpot in the game’s history and the equal highest jackpot amount in Australian history.

It had been almost six years since Australians had seen a jackpot prize of this size, and once again, people were excited to get their entry for the chance to win big.

A young Melbourne man and a hardworking dad from Riverwood in Sydney each took home $50 million! While the man from Melbourne was quick to discover his windfall, the Riverwood Dad had been carrying his ticket in his wallet for two days before he discovered he was $50 million richer!


When will Australia see another large jackpot like this again?! Only time will tell, but when it happens we can’t wait to grab an entry.