Top eight things division one winners spend their windfall on

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Winning a division one lottery prize grants winners the freedom to do things they never dreamt possible. Many of us have sat around with friends and family daydreaming about what life could be like after a major win and how you’d use that life-changing windfall.

The team at the Lott, Australia’s official lotteries, speak to winners every day and have tallied up the most popular things division one winners do with their prize. Are they at the top of your list too or would you splurge on something different?

  1. Pay off the mortgage

A mortgage is part and parcel of the great Australian dream of home ownership, however, division one winners are able to wave goodbye to mortgage payments and live life debt free.

  1. Buy a new house

Some winners have been able to upgrade and buy their dream homes after discovering their windfalls. Imagine being able to buy a new house and know that the home loan is well and truly covered.

“I’m going to buy a house! It has come at the perfect time!” – Queensland winner

  1. Retire

For some people, the thought of retiring is a distant dream, but after winning division one many winners have been able to either retire immediately or move their retirement closer.

“This is a major shock! It will allow me to move my retirement a little closer. It will make a major difference.” – New South Wales winner

  1. Buy a car

Whether it’s replacing the run-down family car or finally purchasing their dream car, winners are able to spoil themselves on a new set of wheels.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time. My car has pretty much had it so I’ve already started car shopping. I can now pay for my new car in cash.” – Queensland winner

  1. Go on a holiday

Many winners immediately say they’re going to use their prize to treat themselves to a well-deserved holiday. Popular places division one winners say they’ll travel to are Europe and around Australia – first class of course!

  1. Share with family

A lot of division one winners are very generous with their winnings and want to share it with their nearest and dearest.

“We’ll share it with the grandkids. Then we will take them all overseas to Europe. It will be lovely to do it with family.” – Victorian winner

  1. Renovate

Division one enables winners to finally tick those renovations off their to-do list, and they don’t have to be DIY jobs!

  1. Buy a boat

Whether it’s a small fishing boat or a luxury catamaran, your dreams of sailing off into the sunset could come true with a division one win, it certainly has for some of our winners!

“Can you believe that the Melbourne Boat Show is on this weekend? I reckon I’ll be able to pick out the boat of my dreams – I’ll certainly be raising the bar on the budget!” – Victorian winner


Whether you’re dreaming of paying off the mortgage or buying a Mustang, with a division one win the possibilities are endless. What will the next winner spend their windfall on?