April Fool's Day Pranks

11 Fun Ways to Trick Your Kids this April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has rolled around once again, and while we don’t want to alarm you, your kids probably have something cheeky planned. But who says they’re the only ones who get to have some fun?

If you love a laugh and don’t mind the potential lifelong trust issues that come with them (just kidding!) these harmless yet hilarious pranks will cement your status as the Coolest Parent Ever.

1. Replace Easter Eggs with Grapes

Since this year’s April Fool’s Day falls just a couple of weeks before Easter, why not capitalise on your little one’s love of chocolate by unwrapping solid eggs and re-wrapping them with grapes in their place?

Easter Egg and Grapes April Fool's Day Prank
Image credit: Love Wednesday

2. Spill “Milk” on Their Devices

Give them the shock of their lives by planting a fake puddle of spilt milk on their laptop, tablet or gaming console! All you have to do is cover a smooth surface with soap, squirt some white glue in a splatter shape and let it dry (about six to 10 hours). Then you can pick it up and place it wherever!

Spilt Milk April Fool's Day Prank
Image credit: Instructables

3. Bake Them Some “Brownies”

An oldie but a goodie! When they get home from school, tell them you’ve baked them some brownies. They’ll come running into the kitchen only to find this instead…

Brownies April Fool's Day Prank
Image credit: 9GAG

4. Block the TV Remote

For a simple but effective prank, cover the sensor on your TV remote (or their game controller or computer mouse!) with coloured tape. Try to stifle the laughter as they scratch their heads wondering why they can’t change the channel!

TV Remote April Fool's Day Prank
Image credit: Odd Stuff Magazine

5. Leave a Surprise in the Mailbox

Is your child in charge of fetching the mail? Give them a cheeky little scare by leaving a toy spider, snake or lizard on top of the mail!

Mailbox April Fool's Day Prank
Image credit: wednesdayjx/Reddit

6. Buy them an “iPad”

They’ve been desperate one, so why not give it to them?

iPad Eye Pad Prank
Image Credit: Imgur

7. Freeze Their Cereal

Does your little monkey eat cereal each and every morning? Make their life easier by prepping it the night before… and then putting it in the freezer. Trust us, the look on their face the next morning will be priceless.

8. Leave a Creepy Crawley in Their Lamp

Not a real one, of course! Print out an image of a spider or cockroach, cut around it, and place it on the inside of their lamp shade. Prepare for a scream!

9. Replace Their Photos

While they’re out, replace all the photos of them around the house with a photo of their favourite celeb and see how long it takes them to realise!

10. Hide Bubble Wrap Under Their Rug

Put all that online shopping packaging to good use by laying it flat under their rug or bathmat for an easy and totally harmless prank.

Bubble Wrap Rug Prank
Image credit: Make It & Love It

11. Replace Oreo Creme with Toothpaste

Does your kid looooove Oreos? Trick them by replacing the creamy centre with white toothpaste! Place them back in the packet and watch the hilarity unfold.

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