Your Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist


The summer holidays are finally coming to an end (to the relief of parents around the country and the disappointment of their littlies) and that means one thing – shopping.

Whether you enjoy back-to-school prep or hate it with a passion, we’re making it easier than ever for you with our definitive checklist. Tick off what you’ve got sorted and scroll down to find out how you scored!

1. Uniform – Aside from the usual suspects (dresses, shorts and shirts) ensure you’ve got socks, hair elastics, shoes (including runners) and a hat.

2. Pencils – Graphite and coloured.

3. Erasers

4. Sharpener

5. Pens – Blue, black and red, but only if they’ve got their licence!

6. Rulers – A 30cm one for big projects and a smaller one for their pencil case.

7. Labels – You’ve spent a small fortune on supplies, so keep track of them with personalised labels.

8. Highlighters – One colour for each subject.

9. Scissors

10. Glue stick

11. Notebooks – Plus some contact or book covers to reflect their interests and personal style!

12. Folders and a hole punch

13. Calculator – If they’re starting high school this year, make sure you purchase their school’s preferred model

14. Art smock or apron

15. Foldable umbrella or raincoat

16. Lunch box and drink bottle – Let them stand out from the crowd with a cute personalised lunch box or water bottle!

17. School bag – Why not ditch the boring backpack for a fun, personalised design?

18. Tablet or laptop – Whether they have their own or use the family’s, your child will need access to one or the other.


19. USB drive – For transferring their school work, they shouldn’t need more than 8GB.

20. Index cards and sticky notes – Ideal for revising!

21. Stapler and staples

22. A good study space – That means a sturdy, spacious desk and an ergonomic chair.

23. Bus or train pass

24. Haircut – Does your child’s haircut comply with the school rules? If not, book them in for a trip to the hairdresser ASAP!

25. Eye test – If your kiddie needs glasses, it’s much better to find out sooner rather than later.

Your Score

How many have you ticked off so far?

0-15: There’s less than a week until school goes back, what are you waiting for? Step on it!

16-22: Almost there! You’ve just got a few more items to go and you’re sorted.

22+: Sit back and relax – you got this.

If you’re in one of the first two categories, take this weekend as an opportunity to tick off the rest. And if you need any personalised back-to-school supplies – or perhaps just a spa day to relax once they’ve gone back – remember, Cudo has you covered!