7 Easy-to-Stick-to New Year's Resolutions for Mums


Before we all start making new year’s resolutions we may or may not stick to, we reckon 2019 is the year to do something a bit different – especially for all the mums out there. Instead of focussing on how we want to get healthy, or be more social, or save more money (which hey, if you want to do, we’ve got your back), take this opportunity to reflect on what you did enjoy in 2018. And then, more importantly, think about what you can be doing better in 2019.

By ‘doing better’, we don’t mean eating less or tightening our belts. Quite the opposite actually… We’re talking about enjoying life more, and looking after ourselves by making ourselves happier. We know that mum life can be hectic at times – and whether you’re doing it full-time or juggling a job on the side, it can be easy to forget to take time out for yourself. And that’s why we’re declaring 2019 the year of mums. It’s the perfect excuse to save some time for yourself, look after yourself, and remember to be yourself.

And if you need a bit of inspiration, look no further than Cudo. We’re full of good ideas!

Treat Yourself, Because You Deserve It

It’s a fact: we don’t treat ourselves enough. We’ve read articles about the benefits of getting massages and facials regularly, but the truth is that most of us see a pamper package as a treat and not a necessity.

Well, we at Cudo believe first-class pampering shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and famous. And that’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best offers in each big city – so you can take some time out to both look and feel fabulous, every day of the year.

Tip: Pamper packages also make ideal birthday presents. You’re giving someone the gift of fabulousness – and what could be better than that? Better yet, find a two-person pamper package so you can both enjoy the whole experience!

Expand Your Horizons

When you find something  you love doing, it’ll never feel like work – and the only way to find what you love is to try new things. So with that said, why not try learning a new language,  cooking course, or other brand new skill? We’ve always got loads of fun and fascinating online courses on offer, just waiting for hungry new students.

Tip: Schedule a little time each week to do your course, and make it your time without interruptions. Just tell the family to pretend you’re actually going to a class!

Try a New Type of Cuisine at Least Once a Month

We all have our favourite places to dine, and it’s easy to get caught in a food rut. So in 2019, shake things up and make it the year of expanding your foodie horizons. After all, with its rich multicultural history, Australia is packed with all types of authentic cuisines.

The great news is that at Cudo, we’re also always trying to keep things interesting in our food calendar, so we’ve constantly got new and original foodie offers popping up. Have a look at what’s trending in your city and try something new, we dare you!

Tip: Not sure what to order? Stalk the restaurant’s Instagram page before you get there and choose what looks the yummiest!

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you don’t like the water, or you’ve got a fear of heights. Whatever it is, the best way to overcome your fears is to face them. And with activities like trapeze, rap jumping, fishing trips, bouldering, and more popping up all over the place, you’re really running out of places to hide!

Tip: Bring your friends or family along for moral support and make a day of it!

Take a Day Off, Just Because

We all have those chores that we just keep putting off and putting off. Things like getting the air con serviced, cleaning the windows, or making sure nasty critters can’t get into the house. No one likes spending their precious time doing these things – so we say, don’t! Hire a professional (who, let’s face it, will do a much better job) and save your free time for the things that matter. Take a look at our offers for services near you – you might even find something you didn’t realise needed doing!

Tip: As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than a cure. Stop putting it off and get those chores done before you run into issues.

Find a Fun Way to Work Out

2019 is all about making new years resolutions you’ll stick to… and if you’re serious about achieving a healthy state of being, it’s time to find the right way for you to do it. We know working out isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so we’ve found the most fun and unique ways to get into shape in each city. From outdoor fitness classes to short and intensive sessions, yoga, pilates, and more, we’ve made it easier than ever to trial new ways of working out before committing to a lifestyle change.

Tip: Grab a two-person voucher to bring a friend along and keep each other motivated!

Close Your Eyes and Point to a New Place on a Map

Of course, the best way to complete your new outlook is going to a new place. The question is, where do you want to go? With so many incredible places around the world (not to mention our equally incredible holiday packages), sometimes the hardest part can be choosing a destination. So instead, in 2019 we dare you to let the place choose you. Close your eyes, point to a map, and see where you land. Exciting times lie ahead in the new year!

Tip: Before you do anything, think about what kind of holiday you’d like to take – i.e. a romantic getaway, family adventure, etc. The rest will fall into place naturally!