Majestic Island Escape: Mai Samui Resort and Spa

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They flutter in and out of the office, buzzing about their business while channeling their inner spirit animal- the swan ( gracefully gliding above the surface while frantically kicking below). Despite the occasional break in Zen-like character (frazzled demeanor, minor nervous break down etc), we are ever grateful for the magical moment when our Travel Experts have finalized a fabulous new travel deal (a lot of hard work goes into negotiating those extra spa treatments!).

This week, we packed our bags for an indulgent eight night stay at the Mai Samui Beach Resort & Spa, on the lovely island of Koh Samui in Thailand (home to white sandy beaches, turquoise water and an estimated 3 million coconut palms).


When descending from the plane, we were instantly enveloped by the warmth of the tropical air – if the breeze could speak, it would probably say ‘welcome to Thailand, you are now officially on vacation, wear lots of sunscreen and take many photos’.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa


With airport transfers effortlessly pre-arranged before departure, we traveled a pleasant 40 minutes through gorgeous landscapes before finding ourselves at the Mai Samui Beach Resort and Spa (located on the quieter North Western side of the island).

The atmosphere at the resort was friendly and laid back, with staff and guests both exuding what must have been a contagiously relaxed vibe. With welcome drinks in hand, check-in a breeze and budding excitement, we were kindly led to our holiday rooms.


Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Showcasing modern luxury and traditional Thai style, the combination of soothing earth tones and fiery reds of our Deluxe Room exuded timeless elegance and romantic appeal.

Mai Samui Resort and SpaOur spacious rooms offered an air conditioned interior, flat screen TV, plush king sized bed and a few extras amenities that really sealed in the ‘Five Star’ label – these include a grand sofa (renamed ‘ my goddess chair’), a private balcony as well as ensuite bathroom with a magnificent spa bath.
Mai Samui Resort and Spa

For a little extra bit of luxury, we also tried out the upgraded pool access room.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

It was indescribably incredible to put on our bathers and literally walk into the pool from our balcony!Mai Samui Resort and Spa


Mai Samui Resort and SpaYou can’t get far at the Mai Samui without stumbling upon one of the resorts four pools! With expansive water views at every turn, we alternated between splashing about to our hearts content and lounging  on strikingly comfortable sun chairs.  13_Swimming PoolR

It was an incredible feeling to let our eyes gently unfocus as we gazed out into the horizon, slowly witnessing the blurring boundaries of the infinity pool and wide open ocean as they merged into one sweeping sea of blue.
Mai Samui Resort and Spa

When we would gently snap back from our relaxed stupor, it meant it was time  or another round of tropical cocktails from the tiki-style swim up!

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Wining and Dining

Thailand calls to mind exotic cuisine bursting with the delicious flavours of fresh herbs and aromatic spices – we can confidently say that dining at the Mai Samui set the bar extremely high!

In addition to waking up each morning to the gentle sound of breaking waves and chirping songbirds, we had a lovely buffet breakfast to look forward to. We were privy to more fruits than we knew existed, a selections of breads, cheese, meats, freshly squeezed juices, waffles and much more

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

When you say ‘pub’ in Australia, you don’t immediately think of a sleek dining room with trendy chandeliers – you’ll need to expand your definition to include the Mai Pub and Restaurant, its classy yet relaxed environment and traditional Thai Cuisine. Here, we fell in love with the dessert menu, which offered pumpkin Thai custard and deep fried banana with ice-cream.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Mai Samui Resort and SpaWe were instantly drawn to the stunning design of the Fine Dining Sala Restaurant with its immense windows, semi-open layout and enviable view out towards the pool and ocean.  Mai Samui Resort and SpaWe enjoyed the restaurant’s contemporary elegance and casual sophistication with delicious haute cuisine dishes like grilled rack of lamb and lobster with chili lemon sauce.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

When you’re feeling peckish but aren’t quite ready to let go of the ability to hop into the pool when the need strikes, the Beach BBQ Club will become your best buddy.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Enjoy (as we did), tropical cocktails, friendly service and an extensive menu ranging from pastas, seafood, beef, poultry and Thai specialties, all served up with the freedom to canon bomb on a moments whim (in theory, because no one really likes a canon bomber).

Mai Samui Resort and Spa


Mai Samui Resort and Spa

The on-site  Mai Samunprai Spa was our go-to place for head-to-toe relaxation, Thai style. The spa offers an array of treatments from massage therapy and facials to body scrubs and mani/pedis.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

The treatment rooms are absolutely stunning with a circular layout and floor to ceiling windows that allow for striking sea views. Choosing treatments was like learning a new language and we now speak fluent “invigorating coffee and spice citrus gel scrub”.

Mai Samui Resort and SpaAlthough in certain environments, it may take years to be deemed a ‘regular’, over our incredible eight night stay, we are quite confident to have achieved the coveted title.Mai Samui Resort and Spa


Mai Samui Resort and Spa

In true resort style, there is an impressive selection of recreational facilities and activities to be enjoyed.You can imagine the fierce internal battle that raged within as we teeter-tottered between wanting to spend every moment luxuriating on the three kilometers of white powdered sand, getting active or soaking in some Thai Culture.

Mai Samui Resort and SpaGuests can enjoy yoga classes, squash, beach volleyball, water polo, petanque, sea kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and mountain biking or Thai cooking classes, fruit and vegetable carving, napkin folding as well as Sunday vists to the Hindlard Temple and waterfall.

Mai Samui Resort and Spa

Trip Advisor

“Simply Outstanding”
5 out of 5 stars – Reviewed 22 June 2014
Absolutely loved this resort. It is located on the quiet northwest tip of the island, away from the touristy area (Chaweng).My wife and i were hugely impressed by the staff hospitality. We had top notch service from the minute we checked in until the minute we left. We were always greeted with warm smiles everywhere we went.We stayed in a deluxe room. The room was excellent – we loved the bed, the towel art, the rain shower and the bathing tub. The balcony overlooks the pool.
The pool has got to be the best thing about the resort. The rooms were wrapped around the pool. The ones on the lower floors have direct. (Mai Samui Resort and Spa)

“5 Stars”
5 out of 5 stars – Reviewed 1 July 2014
This is one of the best places I have stayed at in Thailand. The location is away from Chaweng and perfect for those that just want to relax and get away from the main tourist area. Fantastic service, food, room and pool! (Mai Samui Resort and Spa)

“Magic 5 Star Stay”
5 out of 5 stars – Reviewed 08 July 2014
spent 4 nights here, meeting friends and travelling with my elderly mother. Smooth and welcoming arrival, characterful architecture, warm & caring trained staff, beautiful pool, lovely room with huge bath… Magic stay and will definitely return.(Mai Samui Resort and Spa)